About – Honesty’s The Best Policy

This Blog is about honesty, integrity, and charity. My goal is to discuss various issues and everyday experiences as they relate to the Christian faith, i.e. their theological implications. I studied Christian theology for four years and have found that many of the views I espouse and maintain are not popular among mainstream Christians. I have also found that theology often gets a bad rap or carries with it negative connotations, as people often associate it with ivory tower thinking, arguments, and impractical idealism. One person spoke of theology as a means for the Christian to stroke his or her ego, or “mental masturbation” as they called it. Through this blog I wish to correct these presuppositions about theology and make room for discussion about God that is not only practical and charitable, but is life giving as well.

My hope is that the reader walks away from various posts thinking. Thinking about how our everyday lives and the decisions we make are theological, whether directly or indirectly. Everything we think, say, and do says something about our love and view of God. The way in which we orient our lives says something about our devotion. In addition, this blog is a place to spark conversation. No matter how controversial, the objective is to approach each and every topic with charity and respect. In some ways my Protestant-ness will rear its head, in other ways it will become clear I have drifted from the typical conservative evangelicalism prevalent in North America. I see value in the traditions and history of the church that in my experience is severely lacking in many Protestant traditions. That being said, I have my qualms with aspects of tradition as well.

Apart from theology, I love spending time with my two kids and wife. I also enjoy playing soccer, lifting weights, and enjoying a delicious beer with a smooth cigar over an open fire.  I leave you with words from Dietrich Bonhoeffer from his brilliant work Life Together, “We pray for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet really not small) gifts.” Never forget to give thanks and remember that God is at work in the mundane stuff of everyday life, even more so perhaps than what we consider extraordinary. Stay faithful friends. Peace.